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Michelle Munguia

Graduating Year:



Miami, FL.

I am 110% Hispanic and proud of it! My mother, Glenda Soriano, is from El Salvador and my father, Avilio Munguia, is from Honduras. Both of my parents migrated at different stages of there life to the U.S. They resided in the city of Miami located in Florida where they got married and conceived me. My parents got divorced when I was a toddler and it never affected me I was always happy to have two homes. Growing up in Miami I was surrounded by salt water beach, tropical weather, hurricane seasons and the best part an abundance of Latinos. I grew up going to the Walt Disney theme parks and Universal Studios. I absolutely love all the theme parks from Disneyworld they all give you a different experience that is unforgettable and fun. Overall I love my city Miami 305 it is a fun crowded beautiful city full of life.

Why did you choose the CAPLA program you’re a part of?

I am a transfer student from Miami-Dade College and have an Associates Degree in Business Administration then decided to pursue a bachelor degree in architecture. I applied to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and UA (University of Arizona) waiting anxiously for months to hear back from both of them. I got accepted to both universities and choose CAPLA because they offered me more scholarship funds. I also decided to go with CAPLA because of how the curriculum of the architecture program is structured.

Why did you choose to be involved in WIAS?

I wanted to be involved in WIAS because I had never been a part of a club during my time at Miami-Dade College. I wanted to challenge myself to be part of a club where I had responsibilities and a voice especially for women. I also saw the advantage of networking by being part of WIAS because I got to meet other students from different years who are a part of the board. Once I became a part of WIAS and attended the meetings it made me understand I was not the only student going through the challenge of being an architect student.

What is your favorite color and why?

Purple and Blue are my favorite color because they make me feel calm and in harmony.

How do you bring color into CAPLA?

I like to think that I bring color into CAPLA by sharing thoughts, ideas and life experiences to other peers. Sharing stories of my hometown in Miami and the things I have experienced being surrounded by other Latinos. I'm not ashamed to say my parents were once immigrants because now they are U.S Citizens. A way you can bring color into CAPLA is by learning of your friends background, asking them about there culture, searching in google to see where there county and city is located.

Where do you enjoy studying? Here is a picture of my desk, which is where I work! :)

Thank you Michelle for bringing more Color to CAPLA!

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