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Lydia Roberts


4th year Architecture


Sierra Vista, AZ

Why did you choose the CAPLA program you’re a part of?

I love to think both creatively and use technical hands-on learning. Architecture here at CAPLA, especially the benefits of the Materials Lab, lets me combine both of my interests to engage me in growing my education.

Why did you choose to be involved in WIAS?

There is no greater bond than women uplifting each other to strive for the greatness we know we can achieve.

What is your favorite color and why?

I love orange because it reminds me of a morning sunrise and to make everyday joyful.

How do you bring color into CAPLA?

I have lived in Germany for +/- 8 years and have travelled to 16 different countries which started my love for architecture and community.

Where do you enjoy studying?

Places I enjoy studying (other than my room) are any local coffee shop in Tucson, but here is a picture of myself at EXO!

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Thank you Lydia for bringing more Color to CAPLA!

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