Hamza - Colors of CAPLA

Tell us about yourself!

I am Hamza; I come from a small middle eastern island called Bahrain. I was brought up and lived all my life over there. I moved for my first year of college.

Why did you choose the CAPLA program you’re a part of?

I chose the CAPLA program because it seemed like an interesting place to study. My hometown accredited the CAPLA program, and it was accredited by my NAAB, which made it a reliable choice.

What is your favorite color, and why?

My favorite color is navy blue; something about it seems to be calm and sophisticated.

How do you bring color into CAPLA?

I might be bringing color to CAPLA through my culture. Since I am the only Bahraini student in CAPLA, I am getting the Bahrain culture to it. I have adapted many traditional aspects to many of my studio projects in my first year. Adapting traditional middle eastern dwellings to my project was a sub-conscience decision that I have made. This made me realize that we adapt to the things we grew up with.

Thank you Hamza for bringing more Color to CAPLA!

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